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ALZEENA is a Venture Capital Funded Company with its business presence in UK and UAE. We intend to route millions of international wholesale voice traffic from its switches in Europe, Middle East, and Africa connecting more than 50 global carriers via ALZEENA’s VoIP network while focusing on providing quality international services at highly competitive wholesale rates. With our wide network and interconnections coverage, we are able to secure low rates on its selling side and current on its buying side.

Our team of international telecom experts based in EMEA with years of experience working in all telecom markets, origination and termination all over the globe. We can provide high quality direct routes, from its own network, that assure at any moment the voice quality. Our route partners benefits from the fact that ALZEENA interconnected with the largest carriers of voice traffic around the world, assuring high volumes of wholesale traffic. ALZEENA is focusing in a Carrier Voice Exchange business on Tier-1 Level globally and working closely with different tier’s ITSP’s and aggregators

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3rd Floor, London

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